Sharing stories is a powerful way of relating to others around the world...

Like many others, I enjoy travelling the world to share my stories and hear people’s perspectives. If you’re in any of the cities I’m visiting and want to discuss the tech community and ways to make it more inclusive for everyone, especially the youth, let's grab a coffee!


GDG London – “What to expect as a first timer to Google I/O” (May 2018) – London, UK

Alulbayt Foundation – “Being a hijabi woman in Tech: how is it different?” (June 2018) – London, UK GHC viewing party and panel discussion @ GoCardless – [panelist] (October 2018) – London, UK

CampUK – “How to protect yourself from cyber attacks” (August 2018) – Shropshire, UK

GDG Najaf – Google Cloud / G Suite event: Opening Keynote (September 2018) – Najaf, Iraq

DevFest CZ – “Six Soft Skills for Super Software Developers” (October 2018) – Prague, Czechia

DACHfest Munich – “For the love of…Tech!” (November 2018) – Munich, Germany

Tech Inclusion @ Bloomberg – “The future of tech” [panelist] (November 2018) – London, UK

GDG Oxford @ Oxford Centre for Innovation – “The importance of Diversity and Inclusion in Tech” (December 2018) – Oxford, UK

GDG Najaf – Opening Ceremony – “Changing your perceptions of success as a Techie” (December 2018) – Najaf, Iraq


Tech(k)now day – International Women’s Day – (March 2019) – “Introverts don’t need you to coax them out their shells” – London, UK

BBC Women in Voice – (March 2019) – Ethical considerations of Voice Assistants – London, UK

WTM Lviv – International Women’s Day – (March 2019) – “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Lviv, Ukraine

GDG Najaf – International Women’s Day – Keynote featuring the biggest updates on Google Assistant (March 2019) – Najaf, Iraq

CodeMotion Amsterdam (April 2019) – Developing for the Google Assistant: Voice First – Amsterdam, Netherlands

GDG Oxford – June 2019 – What’s the latest with the Google Assistant?

Droidcon Berlin – July 2019 – “Leveraging the power of social media to grow as a developer”

GDG Najaf – “The endless possibilities with the Google Assistant” – Najaf, Iraq

GDG Najaf – August 2019 - ‘I am Remarkable’ and CV Workshop – Najaf, Iraq

DevFest Tbilisi – August 2019 – “Giving AI a human voice: what will it say?” – Tbilisi, Georgia


GDG Basra - August 2020 - "Creating a healthy tech ecosystem" - [In Arabic] Online from London, UK