The importance of giving back to the community increases as you climb up the ladder...

GDG Oxford (United Kingdom)

(April 2018-Present)

  • Organising tech events for the community by collaborating with professional speakers and sponsors.

GDG Najaf (Iraq)

(July 2018-Present)

  • Working with a team of tech professionals to organise free events for the community, including workshops, study jams, and tech talks.

Women Techmakers Ambassador: Oxford (UK) and Najaf (Iraq)

(July 2018-Present)

  • Google’s Women Techmakers events are created to train women in the latest technologies and to provide them with networking and mentoring opportunities.

STEM UK Ambassador

(May 2017-Present)

  • Using a variety of resources and platforms to engage with young people inside and out of the classroom. These include career fairs, classroom visits and a variety of activities.

Coder Dojo Mentor

(July 2018-May 2019)

  • Mentoring students in the Coder Dojo clubs in London

Code Club Teacher

(September 2017-May 2019)

  • Hosting and teaching in Code Clubs in various libraries in London

SPL Website Team

(October 2015-November 2016)

  • Collaborating with a team of web developers, content managers, and various professionals in creating an integrated web system for connecting business people, graduates, and entrepreneurs.

Al-Kawthar Charity

(June 2015)

  • Providing IT support and web development

LFCT Volunteer


  • Volunteering in various poverty alleviation projects in Iraq